Sunday, May 18, 2008

Family Bizz

This weekend was probably the hottest mofukkin weekend in the history of my life. Besides me of course. haha just kidding. Anyways to start the weekend off kind of bumpy just like usual.. and of course bishop amats national get a day off because we're a cheap ass school and provide shitty ass air conditioning systems, so we'll give you a day off! probably the only damn reason i love amat to death. But i will miss it dearly. :[ 9days left

Friday Friday Friday. Attended my aunts graduation. Finally an RN ( registered nurse ) Familys so proud. mm Saw someone from KeiAlaha, and the infamous ABBY after all the times she'd tell me how much she missed Ronylyn way more than me, that. haha Anyways, it was right next to the staples center, so i was able to snap some quick shots. I was 1 out of 5 to be at 24 on a friday night. oh wells... loving the summer night weather. im ready.

Supa Saturday. went to melrose ate at LALA's for my aunt once again for being so great at what she does. lol mm yeah can't wait for FIDM over the summer, and i have so many plans for my self, i just wish everything would be possible. LA's the hometown forsure. passed by my old house in the 323, and i thank God for where i'm at right now.. Then went to kathleens debut, shit was real sweet! Happy Birthday to you. Kristen got that fresh look!. ha

Sunny Sunday. woke up real early. 3rd trip to melrose this weekend. -___- so fuckin hot! but shit was worth it. Went to the DMPC sample sale, and some other shiz down there. Finally some shit for me before bitches knew bout that Jap fashion. Laura Laura. :] haha yessir, then went to ronylyns familys bbq. fuckin wild hot AGAIN. ps. i love you.



Happy Fam

Some type of smiley face

Staples center floor



Photographers Baggage


St Marthas for life

Happy Birffday


Ha ha ha


Again and again :]

Fight Club.


The love for food

Brother from another mother

? :]

The Table, missing Dustin :[

New Do


Anthony !

What's up with everyones tongues!?




Money ain't a problem


Friday, May 16, 2008

Lifestyles of the broke and famous

Us Placers

post up pictures on sunday for this weekends events.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


GOT THAT NEW DEFAULT PIC ON THE BLOG. ha! anyways... Got to damn lazy to post yesterday. The weather has been so damn gloomy lately.. i know i've said that numerous times but oh well! Taco Tuesday yesterday like always. Finishing up on my last bit of school work i can possibly finish. i have 13 more days left till summer! Thank the lord. Anyways after that, went to the thrift store, woooo picked up some real fresh shit. and random fact.. my dog is horny.. :[ cody that is.. and coco is uninterested. Anyways, after that on the way home, picked up my 3 favorite magazines, and luckily, ALL THREE WERE THERE!. got me that supreme towel, some bape stickers, and 2 BBC keychains. Today weds. BLAH! finally glad there was a decent sky shot with decent clouds. I hate the plain ol` sky, well i'd at least like it if it had some flavor to it once in a while like today, or have shades of purple or something.. and my car.. giving up on. random shot of the bumpers. oh and a little appreciation for flowers . lol NO HOMOoption 2 is cool and smart.


Piggys Brothers

no homo.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fashionably Late

Weekend was full of surprises.

Was able to wake up around 9 and didn't have to be at school until 11 and gained the privilege of leaving at about 12. All because i joined the AP art class. Basically the kick off to my weekend. So we came to conclusion and decided that we would eat together. Met up at One World. Different from the usual norm. Vegetarian food with annoying ass monster baby on the side. Check? Glad i finally had the time to kick it with them OUTSIDE of school. Missed out on Vinh's bday bash due to some familiy business. Went to ashley's at 11:30. had Tang shots all night<3 style="font-style: italic;">Saturday
Visited the pops early in the morning. It was my little sister's birthday bbq get together thing. Found out some familiy bizz. Uncle Ryan? Sometimes you just learn that family is key, and one missing piece will diminish it all and love brings it all back together. I hate when dogs can't be dogs. Made a one of kind painting for the pops, last minute touch ups, learning more techniques. Time passed, and later that night went to Nucleus for "Le Femme" a female art show being held there. Very inspirational, especially coming from the opposite sex. Surprise guest Laura from BrownBabie$ and now Co-owner & the Designer of DimePiece was there. <3 style="font-style: italic;">Sunday
Happy mothers day!

Dreck/Dj Sally B

Concentration is Key

Before it was broken

son of king wally

Henri the almighty



hate that he had to wear that.
but meet Vader

King Kong Shit


Fuck a bitch up



Moist Towelette

She loves me, she loves me not





Le Femme

Stuffed Sushi<3>

And Cut!

all you can eat!


2nd out of 10


Meggie Moo's